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Mathew, So Dapper

newborn baby pictures

Mathew and his family came to see me and like any other newborn session I was prepped and ready. What I was not ready for however was this guys skin! Guys, it is not often at all that a newborn does not need any skin retouching in post processing (editing). This guy! Would you believe me if I told you I did not have to smooth his skin at all OR make any skin tone adjustments. No blemishes needed removing aside from small newborn acne spot on his eyebrow. Talk about a dream!

Have I mentioned how much I love forest green for boys and girls! This color is just amazing, giving so much gorgeous depth and scrumptious tones, it truly suited Mathew so well.

newborn baby pictures

This little guy also loved to be awake! How I love some awake shots during a session. Absolutely adorable! The faces they make are just the best. Then when they finally cave and fall asleep it is lights out and the flow through the poses is on point :)

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