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Miles Stole My Heart

This little lad was nothing short of pure perfection for his newborn session. He smiled for almost every pose, which was amazing. I have a few little tricks that can usually stir a smile out of the little babies but tricks aside this guy gave me all the smiles!

Dreamy creamy baby skin!

I was nervous about his session because he was a breach baby so I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to get some poses done with him but he was an over achiever and knocked out all poses in a record breaking 2 hours!

His parents were smitten with him and can you blame them? He's perfect!

I'll wrap this up with simply posting these amazing images of this perfect little human that these wonderful people brought into the world...

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What a gorgeous Noblesville newborn!! You are a gifted photographer!!!


Andrea Krey
Andrea Krey
Aug 22, 2019

Such a sweet little newborn baby boy with such a perfect skin. Love it! I bet it was so much fun to photograph this little lad.

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