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Bennett. A Newborn Photographer's Dream.

Wow! Guys, it has been so incredibly long since I did a blog post on the website! Reasons for this are both good and bad. There has been some hospital stays, surgeries, sick kiddos, holidays and last and most exciting is the amount of business I've had in the last several months. Thank you!! I'm floored by the amount of babies and families I was able to photograph in 2019, it's such a true blessing. I have all of you to thank and be grateful for :)

I am going to try and jump back on the blogging wagon for 202, starting with all 10lbs and 13oz of Mr. Bennett. Enjoy!

I also started adding macro shots to newborn sessions, macro shots are those tiny little detail shots, little fingers and toes, hairs and my personal favorite, LIPS!

Most of all I love all the squish that this little guy had to offer.

If you've enjoyed Bennett's blog post and want to show some love please share, like and comment :) Thanks so much!

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