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A Fellow Photographer

Newborn family pictures

When a fellow photographer hires you to do her newborn session you make sure that it is a little extra EXTRA best. I mean when her and her family is this good looking you don't have to do much to make it EXTRA but I try none-the-less.

Maria specializes in wedding photography which is an area of this industry that I just do not have the passion for. I admire those who do have the passion, it's ALOT of work! Her talent is immense you guys and yet she chose ME to photograph this special time in her life. I'm truly just honored and tickled!

Big sister was so sweet with her new baby brother. Such a sweet little girl. There's no greater blessing in the world than being a mother. I remember adding Piper to our family (our 2nd baby) and each time Tessa (big sis) would do something new like read Piper a book, or sing to her, my heart just burst with love. Each time I would think that I couldn't possibly love them any more than did in that moment then I would catch Piper laughing at Tessa for the first time and my heart would burst even more! It only grows and grows!

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