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Fresh 48, Why it's a MUST

FRESH 48 sessions are so incredibly important! It may seem redundant to have 2 sessions (fresh 48 & newborn session) in a span of 2 weeks for your new baby but I PROMISE you they are both must haves! Fresh 48's take place while in the hospital after baby is born. Some mommas aren't comfortable with their birth being captured and that's fine, (I am one) so the Fresh 48's are perfect for them!

Newborn Sessions and Fresh 48's are 2 totally different kinds of sessions and serve completely different aspects of parenthood.

Fresh 48's are very intimate, raw, real and unstaged. They capture those precious moments that you DO forget, (even though you think you couldn't possibly forget) those tiny details of when you first met your baby. Nothing planned, just me capturing the realness of your new family.

Newborn sessions take place around 7-14 days after birth and are done in the studio. We provide all props and accessories for baby, all you need to do is bring a sleepy baby and relax! Newborn Sessions capture beautifully posed, timeless images for you to share and display in your home. They are both different kinds of sessions serving different purposes in remembering your first days with your baby.

Timeless. Such tender moments to look back on. I know I am always reflecting on my Fresh 48 images. We have 3 kiddos and it's so bittersweet having those images to look back on and remember those moments. Don't have regrets later in life...

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