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Emma Rose. 3 Weeks Fresh.

Emma Rose came in to see me at 3 weeks after birth. I prefer to have them come in within that first week after birth BUT there are some things I LOVE about the older newborns even more. One being their skin, by this point their skin isn't so blotchy, flaky and usually milk bumps are gone, makes for some gorgeous creamy skin to edit. Second would be that they are a little more filled out which makes for a nice round baby in posing and wrapping. Thirdly would be they tend to have their eating down to a science so feedings are so frequent during the session. There's pointers to photographing both older and super fresh newborns of course. I love them all!

Check out that skin! And look at this dimple!

Her entire session is drool worthy.

That pink is so gorgeous on her

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