Newborns sleep?

Everyone meet Sydney, the most wide eyed baby ever in my studio! Cutest little thing had some amazing eye contact for her family portion of the session. I LOVE it when they do that. Just take a look for yourself at these 2 images, pretty amazing huh...

She had some gorgeous eyes that's for sure! As we continue on for her portion of the session she did sleep for me.......for a little while

We had to include a Christmassy set-up. It may be Thanksgiving right now but I'm in the mood for some red and greens!

Next we will toss in some color

A few organic toned set-up's as well, I try to give a variety for each session.

Lastly I will share with you how little Sydney ended her session, pretty much the same way she started it!

Haha :)

#newbornphotography #newborn

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