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Chunk and Fluff!

Little Aria made her big entrance in the world 3 weeks early but don't let this little one fool ya, she was over 8lbs of baby chunk and a full head of amazing fluffy hair. When she showed up for her session I was so excited to work with her! Her hair is seriously life goals..

Mom's hair is also goals ^^

So gorgeous, Dad is one lucky guy!

Cheeks for DAYYYZZZ! I'll say, I am a little obsessed with this little ones gallery, I can't wait to share them all with Mom and Dad.

Such a dainty little thing, these next images were pure perfection and the perfect style for her.

But wait! She's stunning in blue too! Is there seriously anything that doesn't suit this gorgeous little baby perfectly? I can't wait to see her again..

Of course we had to do some Halloween set-up's seeing how she had her session on Halloween. Cutest little thing I have ever seen in a bucket, I'll tell ya!

Please if you enjoyed these wonderful images share with friends and family.

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