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Twinning! Meet Harper and Riley

My heart was double full for this session! Harper and Riley were born at 38 weeks and in full health. Little blessings, they rocked their newborn session! Both girls were so little yet so full of spunk, they loved to suck on their paci's and get some milk from mom. Mom might I say is a super mom! Being a nursing mother myself I understand some of the struggle, especially with your first go at it but she is doing great and with nursing TWO babies. My hat goes off to her. Dad is also a huge help and hasn't been scared to dive right in, fabulous family. Funny back story to the baby blanket shot, that blanket was their dads when he was born, apparently his family thought he was going to be a girl, he brought it in and I didn't hesitate to sneak that into their session. Here's some faves...hope you enjoy them as much as I have :)

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