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Kalira's Session is a record breaker!

This little lady has a story to tell about her session! She was full of surprises....let me walk you through. She showed up with a surprise for me right off the bat, huge poop explosion in her sleeper. Filled it! No joke. That set the bar for how her entire session would go, LOL. After pooping EXPLOSIVE poop in her sleeper, in a wrap and in a romper I had planned for her (literally as soon as I got it on her and posed) she then peed on me and proceeded to stay awake for 3 hours!! She was content but very much awake. This little stinker (literally) sets the record for most awake baby AND most explosive messes in the studio! It was just a few days later I saw on social media where she had her first bath and peed on dad's chest on the way to the tub, no surprise there! HAHA! Anywho, she did finally sleep a little and we got to sneak in some pretty awesome shots, enjoy!

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